Thursday, March 03, 2011

PARI, Part 4, The Art

You can't miss the art on display at PARI. It's not an art museum per se (there is one of those on campus) but rather a mish-mash collection of folk art and photography. It gives the resource room a comfortable feeling like you got when you visited your busia's basement. Old black and white photos, crosses, colorful prints of Polish folk costumes, religious banners, display dolls, and the odd piece of clothing long past it's prime, all combine to create a homey atmosphere.

Here is a sample of some of the folk art prints on display. There are several more pieces to this set that depict various festivals and folk celebrations. I think these would make a lovely set of note cards or greeting cards!

There are a number of religious icons around the room. These mostly reflect the largely Catholic population in Poland, on campus, and among Polish Americans. Some of these pieces are relics donated by local Catholic churches.

Below, next to the religious banners, there is a sample of wycinanki (paper cutting). This is a popular and colorful art form that brightens every wall it is hung on. It takes real talent to create one of these!

There are some lovely pictures that capture everyday life in Poland. This one shows villagers attending church.

These are just a few of the many pieces of folk art that surround the room. You will delight in exploring them all when you visit PARI at Orchard Lake. For times and the location, see PARI, Part 1.

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