Friday, May 20, 2011

Jasia's Friday Night Puzzle

OK, so I posted a scrapbook page today of my mom and her best friend, Helen Lillian Wojciechowski Leszczynski (what a mouthful, eh?). That got me wondering about Helen's family. I did a search on and quickly found them in the 1920 Census living at 196 Plumer St. in Detroit, Michigan.

Father: Adam Wojciechowski, age 35 (b. abt 1895) immigrated 1913
Mother: Viola Wojciechowski, age 38 (b. abt 1892) born in MI
Daughter: Helen Wojciechowski, age 12 (b. abt 1918) born in MI
Son: Chester Wojciechowski, age 10, (b. abt 1920) born in MI
Daughter: Irene Wojciechowski, age 8, (b. abt 1922) born in MI
Son: Raymond Wojciechowski, age 3 (b. abt 1927) born in MI

I went on and found the death record for Helen (in California) and I already had photos of the gravestones of Adam, Viola, and Chester (Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit) so I have their dates of death too.

Here's the puzzle... I can't find the family in the 1930 Census on I know they were recorded in the census because I found the index of the family on

I freely admit that I'm not an expert at searching but I did give it an honest try... over and over again searching each of the parents names, as well as the children and whatever combinations and spelling variations I could come up with. But no luck. If anyone out there has insomnia tonight and is looking for something to do... see if you can find the Wojciechowski family in the 1930 Census on You'll have my appreciation and deepest gratitude if you do!