Thursday, February 07, 2013

Polish Vital Records Online, Coming Soon!

Well here's an update to my previous post that I wasn't expecting to be posting this soon. Check it out. Good news indeed!

From the National Digital Archives of Poland website:

In the first half of 2013, we plan to publish more than 2.3 million scans in two rounds - in March and June. The attached list  archives, which are derived from the digitized resource materials, together with the number and name of the team. Due to the still ongoing cleanup of the whole immense material, we can not at this stage provide specific signatures. We reserve the right to minor adjustments of these statements. Any changes will be announced on our website.

(translation provided by Google Translate)

Unfortunately for me, none of my ancestral parishes are on this list. However, I am very excited to see that the process of digitizing the vital records of Poland is well underway and the first batch of records should be viewable online in just a few weeks! Yay!

**Hat tip to my friend Valerie who shared this info on her FB page this morning!