Saturday, January 09, 2016

Genealogy and Hobbies

Hello, and welcome to 2016!

I'm dusting off this blog and sitting back down at the keyboard. I haven't written much in a long time so I know I'm rusty. I expect my writing will reflect that. My apologies. I'm not setting any grandiose goals for myself, like blogging daily, but I will try to write periodically if for no other reason but to record where I'm at with my genealogy/family history research and where I'm going with it.

I'd like to be doing more genealogy research but I've exhausted my resources for now. So for the time being I'll be working on family history research. I've started translating Słownik Geograficzny (SG) entries for the villages of my ancestors and their parishes. I'm planning to explore the churches they worshiped in too (online of course).

This past week I put in 15-20 hours on finding and translating SG entries for one family line (Lisowski). I translated 10 entries, most of them only 3-5 line entries, and I have 5 more to work on. Of the 5 remaining, 2 are very lengthy entries... multiple pages in length. For those I will probably translate only select paragraphs. My goal for next week is to finish translating the entries for the Lisowski line.

On another note, other hobbies...

Two years ago I dabbled in learning watercolor painting. Last year I took up oil painting. This year I'm learning to paint with acrylics. And, as always, I continue to work at my photography. I like having several hobbies and I love learning new things. There are only so many hours in the day though so I've had to give up other interests, reading (books and most of the blogs I used to follow) and writing (my blogs). I wish I could keep up with all of my hobbies and interests at the same time. Maybe I should take up juggling. ;-)