Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Intro to NaNoWriMo

Only a few more days until November 1st. That means only a few more days for me to prepare for the National Novel Writing Month contest. I mean to write an entire novel in one month, the month of November 2005 to be exact. I'm excited about it and hopeful that I will be a winner (that means hopeful that I finish 50,000 words by November 30th). I believe I can do this and I'm happy to have the support of my husband and kids. At least at this point they're indicating their support. I have no reason to doubt their intentions but a month can be a long time to wait for a home-cooked meal or clean clothes .

My goal is to write the Lisowski family history from the time my grandfather ,Wincenty Lisowski, landed on US soil in 1912, until his death one week before I was born in 1956. I am determined to write a story/novel that anyone might find interesting to read. In addition I want to maintain my grandfather's integrity and keep the story as true as I know it to be. I'm thinking that this will be easier to write than a novel where I have to invent all my characters, all the events, and the plot. This way I already have the characters and the events and I just have to create a plot to keep the story moving along. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? We'll see. 50,000 words is a lot. More than I've ever written on one subject before. But I really want Wincenty's story written and I am determined to do it. I figure doing it all (at least the first draft) with a one month deadline and the support of others who are attempting the same craziness at the same time, is the best chance I'm going to get.

I've knitted myself a "passion scarf" to wear while I'm writing. It's shades of purple and red... the passion colors. I also bought myself a hot pink fleece jacket to wear for inspiration. We writers can be eccentric! I've got an outline of sorts, some of the characters defined, most of my research done, a hot laptop to write on and lots of motivation. So far so good. I still have buy my magic pen though.
Here's hoping I can do it!

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