Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rampant 'Riters

(Socrates, my daughter's kitty)

I figured out what happened to Felix Jaruga. I need to find more details to have a complete picture but let’s just say I feel sad about what I’ve learned. I’ll have to do some more research downtown when I get a chance :-7

I went to a newly formed writer’s group last night. Rampant ‘Riters will meet at my local library the third Monday of every month at 7pm. But I think they’ll be meeting without me. I was surprised at the turnout. The group is for local writers of all genres. Most of the people that showed up (there were 12 of us) were writing children’s books and poetry. A couple were writing screen plays. Only one other person besides me was writing a novel (the person who was starting the group). It seemed like an interesting mix of people but I wasn’t in the least bit interested in what they were writing. When a couple of them decided to share with the group, reading pieces they’d written, my eyes glazed over. I just hate being read to out loud unless I’m incapable of reading myself (like when I’m driving a car).

I think that this group is too diverse for me. I don’t think I’ll get anything out of it nor do I think I’ll have much to contribute. If I could find a group more focused on novel writing it could be helpful. Oh well, you never know until you try. So I tried it and I’m going to pass on joining this one.