Sunday, June 18, 2006

Carnival of Genealogy, 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second edition of Carnival of Genealogy. This edition's topic is Ethnic Genealogy.

Our Carnival starts with a submission from Joe Kissell:

Joe Kissell presents Extinction of the Yámana: Interesting Thing of the Day posted at Interesting Thing of the Day, saying, "Well-meaning but misguided missionaries were responsible for wiping out an entire race of people who had managed to migrate farther than any other human group." Thanks for your submission Joe!

Other articles on the Blogs:


Steve’s Genealogy Blog � Poland
Various posts on research/documents from Galicia Poland. Steve posts on his research journey with detailed descriptions of the information he discovers and includes images of the documents he is citing. Very well written.
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Boo: Word of the week: MECZ
An expatriate in Poland has fun with the language.
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Dallas Morning News News for Dallas, Texas Lifestyles Columnist Lloyd Bockstruck
In 1877, a group of scholars interested in the history of Huguenots outside France formed an organization that produced an amazing genealogical tool. Within 25 years, they had created a card index of all the Huguenot and Walloon church registers for the period 1566 to 1812 in the Netherlands and Belgium. They also included many from Germany.
Most important, they indexed the four major Huguenot congregations in France – Montauban, LaRochelle, St. Quentin and Sedan. It has been estimated that this index may contain as many as 3 million entries. This master index is commonly referred to as the Leyden Index. It has been microfilmed and fills 199 rolls. Anyone with colonial Dutch, French, or Pennsylvania "Dutch" (German) ancestry would be well advised to check this magnificent index for clues to ancestral homes in Europe.
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The Genealogy Guys Podcast
Roots in the Boot (an upcoming mid-July Italian Genealogy and Heritage Conference in Pittsburgh) is announced ( Italian research rejoice!
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Trace the Family To Ireland and Throw in 60,000 Years or So � Genealogy Blog
The Irish retain the purest form of the haplotypes representing the most ancient Europeans.
The Connaght Irish retain 98 percent of this genetic marker. If you're interested in DNA genetic research and/or Irish genealogy, be sure to check out this blog entry.
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The Internet Genealogy Community Study Blog
Here's one for you... An Australian "Internet Studies" PhD student is researching how genealogists use the internet. Quite an interesting read...
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That concludes this edition. Thanks for tuning in. Spread the word and share your work!

Call for submissions for the next edition of the Carnival. The topic for the next edtion will be Immigration. If you're blogging about the topic of immigration including, history of immigration, ship manifests, Ellis Island, ports of departure or any other topics related to immigration please submit your blog article for the next edition of
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