Sunday, June 04, 2006

Carnival of Genealogy, Edition 1

This first edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will feature timely articles about new technology in the field of genealogy. Since I've only had a few days to throw this edition together, it's a little brief. But I think you'll get the idea. Here's what others in the field of genealogy are blogging about...

    • Extra! Extra! Read All About IG!
      The folks that publish Internet Genealogy magazine have a great offer for an extra free issue (online). This issue features information on German research... which should be of interest to those researching their ancestors from the Prussian section of Poland as well.
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    • The Genealogy Tech Podcast
      Here's a new web site/blog that features information on the latest technology for the genealogist.
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    • Wireless at the NGS Conference
      For those techno-savy individuals attending the upcoming NGS conference... bring your laptops for free wireless access!
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    • Announcing Podcasts on EOGN!
      I just love how technology has infiltrated the world of genealogy. It seems like just yesterday when I was trying to sell the idea of an "online" genealogy meeting to a genealogical society here in Michigan. They didn't buy it. Too cutting edge for them. It wasn't that long ago either. All it was, really, was a chat room meeting exclusively for society members. An antiquated idea relative to the podcasts being produced these days. Time and technology march on!
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    • Genetic Genealogy On MSNBC � Genealogy Blog
      One of these days we may be able to save ourselves the time and trouble of doing genealogical researach by just giving up a sample of our DNA. See what's new in Genetic Genealogy.
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    • Historic Bingham Cemetery Brought to Life on the Web - and on the Ground � Genealogy Blog
      Bring on the Eagle Scouts! I know of a few cemeteries in the Detroit area that could use their help! Check out the ultimate cemetery web site... each stone is individually photographed and all the known information is included. Arial shots of the cemetery too!
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Calling for submissions! The topic of the next Carnival of Genealogy will be Ethnic Genealogy. So if you're blogging about Irish immigrants, Polish pilgrims, or Aztec ancestors, share it with others beyond your blog. Submit your article for the next Carnival of Genealogy.