Monday, June 05, 2006

Detroit West-side Cemeteries

I've updated my site with the new West-side Cemeteries page. There are a few additional tidbits I will add to the page when I get a chance but I didn't want to hold it up because of a few minor details. As with the East-side Cemetery page, there are a few cemeteries that didn't get added because they were 1) relatively new, or 2) in the far outer suburbs. I gave some of thought to which cemeteries to include and decided not to list every single one. Those that I did choose are the oldest ones, the ones closest to and in Detroit, and the ones most likely to have Poles buried there (which pretty much means Catholic cemeteries). I figure that genealogy researchers looking for Polish ancestors would most likely appreciate having the list of Detroit metro area cemeteries pared down to those cemeteries where their ancestors would most likely be. They don't need to be overwhelmed with all the metro area cemeteries... it would just be overload.

Photo is a picture made of amber from Poland.

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