Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Trip to Hell, 6/6/06

Here's a trip to Hell (Michigan) for those of you who couldn't make it there today. It was the happening place to be... so happening that it was hard to find a place to park. I guess a lot of people felt the need to go to Hell, Michigan (about 60 miles NW of Detroit) to celebrate the devil's day... 6/6/06. Me, I just went for the photo op.

For a good 1/2 mile on either side of town, cars were parked on the shoulders of the road.

Traffic was bumper to bumper through the heart of town. I wasn't motivated enough to park the car and walk to town so you just get the "from the car" tour.

Here we are in the heart of town. This is the "Screams" ice cream parlor.

Here's the bar/restaurant, "Damn Site Inn".

People watching from my car... quite an eclectic bunch of folks...

These folks got a kick out of the way I was taking pictures... holding my camera up through my sunroof while driving.

And here's the official National Weather Service Station sign. Was it hotter than Hell (84 degrees) in your town today?

"OK, so it that it?", you're asking. Yep. That's it. It's a very small town. It's only claim to fame is it's name. If you'd like to plan a trip to Hell yourself, check out the town's web site. And don't feel too bad about missing this "happening" event, it's only a few months until Hell freezes over! You can always visit then!

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