Thursday, July 27, 2006

GenMates, Social Networking Site for Genealogists

Here's a new web site that's essentially an online social network for genealogists. Want new friends who share your passion for genealogy? This is the place! .

Genealogists Now have Their Own MySpace Alternative:
Manchester, UK (PRWEB) July 27, 2006 -- July 2006 sees the launch of GenMates, which is a social networking site for genealogists and those interested in family, garden and home areas.

"With the launch of GenMates they can:

*Write a blog and publicise their genealogy research with their unique blog link

*Create their own groups or forums to bring people with common interests together. This includes being able to set up forums specifically for those researching the same names

*Promote events and obtain information on forthcoming events

*Get special discounts from our professional/business membe
*Sell personal items to other users
and much, much more......

Paul Duxbury, the co-founder of GenMates, commented recently that “Some genealogists have referred to GenMates as the Genealogy MySpace Alternative because of the fantastic range of services we provide and, best of all, they are all free to ordinary members!”

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