Friday, July 28, 2006

Poles in Michigan, Vol. 1

I bought a book yesterday. It's an older book that I bought from an online used book seller. The book is titled: Poles in Michigan Vol. 1 Detroit, Mich. 1953. It's a paperback book, 120 pgs. The inside cover says,
Poles in Michigan, A book devoted to the study of the Polish group in Michigan.

Publishers: "The Poles in Michigan Association" 3061 Penobscot Building, Detroit 26, Michigan.

Editorial Committee: Benjamin C. Stanczyk, Eugene Konstantynowicz (W.J.L.B.), Anthony Rathnaw, Stefan L. Wloszczewski, Eugene Brominski, Anthony Wojsowski.

Published - January 1955.
The back cover says,
Cover and Vignettes
Designed by Anatol Girs
Lithographed by
High Point Offset Corporation, Detroit
Printed by the Glow Press
I believe this book was essentially "self published" by this group who probably had the intention of writing/publishing additional volumes. To date, I have not been able to locate any additional volumes so I don't know if there actually were any or not.

I bought the book hoping to find information about notable people among Detroit's Polonia and I wasn't disappointed. It's full of information about the local Polish community as well as information about famous Poles who had ties to Michigan/Detroit.

Here's the Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Kazimierz Pulaski-Hero of Two Worlds - Stanislaw Janicki
  3. Polonia, and It's American Contribution - S.B. Stefan
  4. The Polish Pioneers on the North American Continent - S.B. Stefan
  5. The Trail of hte Polish Emigrants in Michigan - Dr. Stefan Wloszczewski
  6. Michigan's Foremost Polish Priest - Rev. Joseph Swastek
  7. Posen-The history of an old Polish Settlement in Northern Michigan - Dr. Stefan Wloszczewski
  8. First Polish Settlers in Detroit - Dr. Ludwik Gozdawa
  9. The Origin and Growth of the First Polish Parish in Detroit - Dr. Ludwik Gozdawa
  10. The Rise and Growth of the Polish National Alliance in Detroit - Benjamin Stanczyk
  11. Father Dabrowski-The Polish Seminary - Rev. Joseph Swastek
  12. The Oldest Polish Village in Michigan - Rev. Joseph Swastek
  13. The Educational Work of the Felician Sisters in Michigan - Sister Mary Jeremiah C.S.S.F.
  14. History of the Polish Press in Detroit - R. Jazabkowska
  15. Central Citizen's Committee - Clara Swieczkowski
  16. Polish Merchants in Michigan - A. Wojsowski
  17. Polish Art Collections in Michigan - Stanislaw Janicki
  18. H. Sienkiewicz in Detroit - W. Witkowski
  19. Henryk Sienkiewicz-World Famous Author - Dr. Arthur P. Coleman
  20. The Significance of Polish Literature in America - Edmund Ordon
  21. Polish Studies at Wayne University - Edmund Ordon
  22. A Selection of Polish Literature in English Translation.
In addition to loads of surnames (which genealogists just love to peruse) and the text for the articles listed in the TOC, the book also has three photographs. I am going to post excerpts from this book in my blog each Friday, starting today.