Monday, February 12, 2007

I Won't Say Goodbye

I won't say goodbye to Lee. I refuse to believe that I've read the last of her insightful, witty, and educational blog posts. It seems the career path she'd dedicated herself to has a major roadblock that she can't find her way around, at least not at this time. But I believe in Lee and I believe she will find a way to deal with it or she will find a new path for herself. In either event, she will rise again in the blogosphere... because the cream always rises to the top, and Lee is the cream of the crop.

Most of us genea-bloggers aren't "professionals" in the sense that we don't have genealogy licenses or credentials after our names, we didn't major in genealogy in college, and we don't aspire to careers in the field. But we do find it fascinating, frustrating, mysterious, educational, challenging, exciting, and most of all, addicting. I'm hoping my friend Lee, the "geneaholic", is well and truly addicted and that she will start blogging again soon. After all, she recently changed her blog to an online research journal and there is absolutely no reason she shouldn't continue her family history research as a hobby even if professional genealogy is no longer her chosen career path.

I'll be waiting for you Lee. It's a Matter of Life and Death.