Thursday, February 22, 2007

New in the Archives at AOD

I was perusing the DetroitYes forum this morning and I came across a conversation on the topic of East side Detroit Catholic School history. I'd like to share one posting from there that may be of interest to those seeking information from the Archdiocese of Detroit:
Roman left in Dec 06 to pursue other interests after training his replacement. He is a great guy. The person they replaced him with is learning on the job and from what I understand has no formal archivist education as Roman does.
Roman Godzak was the archivist for the AOD for many years and he has authored several books about the churches in the AOD. He will be missed by those of us who turned to him for help with our genealogy and history research. I wish him good luck and good fortune in whatever he is endeavoring to do now and I'm hoping that his replacement will be as easy and cooperative to work with as Roman was.