Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Here's one that will surely give you grins and giggles... What is that on those people's heads? Well, it's a pierogi of course! My friend "V" sent me the link to this very unusual chapeau apparel. At you can order one of these chic and unique dandies for yourself. "Now why would I want to do that?", you ask. Well, maybe because then you'd fit right in with the other food-heads. That's right, the Poles don't have a monopoly on corny hats you know...

You've no doubt seen the "cheese head" hats that Green Bay Packers fans have worn for years. If you're interested in wearing a little fromage on your head, they are available at I don't know if the shape is very flattering for everyone though. And fashion critics everywhere would surely agree that the color, well, it's less than flattering for most. I would venture to say the pale, neutral of the pierogi hat and the nice wide brim would be much more flattering... don't you think?

But that's not all! From the same folks who bring you the "cheese head" hat, there's another contender in the food-head fashion competition... the "corn head"! No doubt this one gets the blue ribbon for "corniest hat"... oh I can hear your groans now ;-) But once again I must point out that the very bright yellow color here will not bring out the healthy glow of your complexion. No, in all likelihood, you'll look a bit pale in this baby. But if your facial structure favors a torpedo shaped hat, you should definitely consider this one.

So right about now you're thinking that carb lovers have the edge when it comes to food hats aren't you? I knew it. It's an understandable assumption. But alas! Meat lovers rejoice! You've not been left out of the fashion scene. Just look at these babies! From the web site we have a pork-pie hat, a ground beef and flank steak hat, a Canadian bacon hat, a cow-boy hat made from marbleized cuts of beef, and last but not least a "brisket yarmulke - made of 100% kosher brisket. This one-size-fits-all “beefy beanie” comes emblazoned with a horseradish Star of David." This fine collection of meat-heads is not for sale. It's actually intended to inspire you to create your own. For tips on meat-hat preservation and a list of upcoming meat-head fashion events, check out the web site.

Just for the record, I'd like to point out that while these hats are certainly more becoming to one's complexion than say the corn-hat, there is the odor issue to deal with... I still think the pierogi hat is your best bet for food-head fashion. But there's something to be said for the idea of dressing up each member of your family in a different food hat and going cruzin on a Sunday afternoon... gives new meaning to "Meals on Wheels" doesn't it?

If you buy or make one of these hats, or if you already own one, please send me your photo. I'd love to see it!

***I'm in a bit of weird mood today, can you tell? It happens every year. I load up on sugary, fattening things on Paczki Day and then I have to fast the next day, Ash Wednesday. I get a little strange when I don't get breakfast, especially after all that sugar ;-)