Monday, March 12, 2007

Put In an Order for Your Family Heirlooms

From the Lebanon Daily News: Web site matches surnames, heirlooms
By James M. Beidler
Joy Shivar, owner of JustaJoy Historical Treasures, now has an Internet presence that directly links surnames with the historical items with which they are associated. Shivar’s antiques business in North Carolina has many American historical items with specialties in the Civil War, Colonial period, the World Wars and black history.

She says that her site has been doing a substantial business since going live. All items are guaranteed authentic and original with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Insured shipping on all items purchased through the site is also free.

In addition to carrying items from the JustaJoy Historical Treasures inventory, consignments are accepted from other antique dealers and individuals from across the country.

“This network creates a real possibility of returning ‘orphaned’ family items back to their rightful owners,” Shivar said. “Items that may have been lost through estate sales, broken marriages or in other ways can possibly be recovered.”

In addition to the surname links, the site has a search engine to look for any words found in the descriptions of the items.

Doing a search for “Pennsylvania” yielded more than 300 items — including marriage certificates, letters, pension office correspondence and much more.

JustaJoy is currently offering free memberships to the site, which give those individuals the opportunity to list up to 20 surnames in which they have a personal interest.

“As items are added with those family names, e-mails are automatically generated, giving members the best opportunity of recovering their family items,” Shivar said. “Since there is often only one of each artifact available, this is the best option for families or individuals who are serious about restoring family heirlooms.”

Another aspect of the Web site is the genealogical information that can be gleaned from the descriptions in the listings, and access to this data will stay free.

The Web site URL is The address for JustaJoy Historical Treasures is P.O. Box 2373, Huntersville, NC 28070. The phone number is (800) 211-3560. [More]
There are a good number of surnames already listed. You might want to get yours listed while you can still do so for free.