Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Flickr Groups for Polonia!

From the Friends of Poland Forum:

As Curator of the Polish and Rare Book Collection at the Orchard Lake Schools, I opened a flickr account not long ago in order for us to highlight and preserve through photos the campus library and our varied collections (books, photos, ephemera, etc.) The url for our images is

Karen Majewski, Ph.D.
Mayor, City of Hamtramck
Curator, Polish and Rare Books Collection, Orchard Lake Schools
Karen also set up flickr accounts for American Polonia:
The url is:

And for Hamtramck, MI: The url is:

Oh yipee!!! Oh joy! This is like finding a gold mine! I feel like a kid at Christmas! Photos, ephemera, and more, oh my! (This photo's for you, Steve)