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Carnival of Genealogy, 57th Edition

Welcome to the October 4, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition is: I Read it in the News! We're looking at family history information found in newspapers. Newspapers really are a wonderful source of information and sometimes they tell us stories that never got passed down in the family. Many of these articles are entertaining, some are merely informative, but all are worth reading! There are quite a few articles here so I suggest you pour yourself a mug of hot cider, light a fire in the fireplace, pull an afghan out of the closet, and start up the laptop for a cozy evening of reading. Enjoy!

Sandusky Library Archives Research Center presents How They Earned Their First Dollar posted at Sandusky History, saying, "A distant cousin of mine, John B. Taylor, told how he earned his first dollar in a newspaper article from a 1921 Sandusky Star Journal article. The article was found by a search through the database Newspaper Archive. From Dorene at Sandusky Library"

William Morgan presents The Truth Always Outs . . . even if it takes more than a century! posted at The sock in the dryer, saying, "A "scandal" surrounding the marriage of my great-grandparents surfaced in a 1905 article printed in the New York Times."

Robert Lord presents You Know Nothing About Your Mother's Youth posted at Lord and Lady, saying, "Suprises in Newspaper articles"

Bob Kramp presents Cowboys from West of the Potomac posted at Life's Journey, saying, "My father used to work for the Washington Evening Star in District of Columbia. My brother and I went down to visit Dad in his workplace in Summer of 1948, dressed in our spiffy Cowboy outfits that Mom hand-sewed for us. We made a big enough splash to get our pictures taken and published in the Junior Star Section of the newspaper. Yeee-haaa."

Bill West presents THE VALUE OF AN OX posted at West in New England, saying, "I posted just this clipping to my blog last December without any commentary, and told Terry Thornton at the time that I should have entitled the post "The Value of An Ox". So now that I've done a little digging on the information in the article, I decided to use that title!"

T.K. presents us with two articles, Welcome to the commencement exercises. You'll be wanting a fan... uh, I mean a programme... and Welcome to the commencement exercises.... whoa, déjà vu! both posted at Before My Time, saying, "Kate Efner Pettis graduated from high school in 1882, and from the State Normal School in 1883. The Winona Daily Republican covered both events in great and very colorful detail. Read all about it in "Welcome to the commencement exercises..." and "Welcome to the commencement exercises... whoa, deja vu!"

Randy Seaver presents I Read about Benjamin Franklin Seaver in the newspapers posted at Genea-Musings, saying, "Randy found a gold mine of information about a distant Seaver cousin after a book author asked him for information. The recently published historical novel "Timely Heroes" by Gardner Hale Russell used information from the newspaper articles from 1805 to 1807 to tell the story of Benjamin Franklin Seaver (1780-1814)."

Marue presents Mrs. Rebecca Chapman Visits Nevel’s Prairie posted at Life at the Home20.

Pam Taylor presents Ludwik Sawicki obituary, July 3, 1937 posted at Genealogy.

Brenda K. Wolfram Moore presents Enoch Kratochvil & John Cutler - Grand Traverse, MI --MISPLACED posted at Remembering Nona, saying, "I can only imagine the looks on these boys faces when they had to 'fess up and tell this story to the families. ;)"

Wendy Littrell presents Extra! Extra! posted at All My Branches Genealogy, saying, "More proof that my family spends a lot of time clipping news articles - BUT - I'm thrilled that so many old news clippings have survived and that they are in my possession."

A. Spence presents Spence-Lowry Family History: Four Newland Negroes Drowned posted at Spence-Lowry Family History, saying, "It was a story in the family where the details were not known."

Colleen M. Johnson presents News From Across The Pond posted at Blog, saying, "Gaining a whole generation came via a news clipping from across the pond earlier this year."

Julie Cahill Tarr presents I Heard it in the News posted at GenBlog, saying, "Julie share a few clippings that all involve peculiar deaths."

Elyse presents Teacher Of The Year posted at Elyse's Genealogy Blog.

Apple presents Black & White & Read All Over posted at Apple's Tree, saying, "Newspapers have been a mainstay of my research for the last several years. From the items I've found I have filled in huge chunks of my family's history. For this edition of the CoG I've recapped my favorites and provided links as most of them were written before I started Apple's Tree."

Sharon Klein presents 1907 Strolling Pose posted at Genealogy, saying, "A 1907 photo of my gg-grandparents published in the 1930s in a NYC or Brooklyn Yiddish newspaper."

Amy Coffin presents And When They Met, It was MURDER!!! posted at We Tree, saying, "Two men vying for one woman leads to death. No, it's not a television soap opera plot. It's just another day in rural Louisiana. Find out how this 1889 love triangle hangs on my family tree."

Midge Frazel presents Wild and Wooley posted at Granite in My Blood, saying, "Read all about the Scholfield Bros. who came to America from England with plans to make the first woolen manufacturing business in this country."

Jessica Oswalt presents Extra! Extra!: My Ancestors In The News ... posted at Jessica's Genejournal, saying, "This submission highlights the different types of newspaper announcements that have mentioned my ancestors, and my brief comments about the significance of the information in those newspaper articles."

Lidian presents The Virtual Dime Museum: The Minister, the Firemen and the Beer posted at The Virtual Dime Museum, saying, "Here is the one newspaper story that made the family archives: a tale of firemen, beer and my ministerial great uncle in 1910 in Queens."

Smallest Leaf presents A light that shines again: Margaret's missing middle name posted at A light that shines again, saying, "The search for my great-grandmother's elusive middle name finally ended when I read the newspaper! It was exciting to finally find out what the "H" stood for, and to discover the details about her 1911 wedding."

Ruth Stephens presents Carnival of Genealogy- 57th Edition posted at Bluebonnet Country Genealogy.

Bob Franks presents Newspapers Can Be a Treasure Trove of Information posted at Itawamba History Review: The Itawamba Historical Society, saying, "Newspapers Can Be a Treasure Trove of Information tells of the importance of newspapers in family history research and gives several examples of what can be found in the pages of old newspapers relating to our families."

Jasia presents Polish Daily News Stories posted at Creative Gene, saying, "My granduncle worked for one newspaper and was featured in articles from another newspaper. So you could say he made (typeset) the news and he made (was featured in) the news! Check out the story of this career newspaperman!"

alwierz presents Wierzba in the Newspaper: A Submission to the Carnival of Genealogy posted at Polish-American Genealogy Research, saying, "Wierzba in the Newspaper! Eugene Wierzba speaks after 50 years of silence about his experiences in WWII."

John Newmark presents Family History in Newspaper Articles posted at Transylvanian Dutch, saying, "John Newmark at TransylvanianDutch finds some obituaries in an unusual location, and learns more about a Rabbi he's known for almost 40 years."

Sockbug presents Rather Shocking News - A Carnival of Genealogy Article [] posted at Latest entries from

Donna presents I read it in the news? posted at What's Past is Prologue. Donna's sense of humor is evident in this rather unusual article she shares with us. Don't pass up this chance at a chuckle!

Thomas MacEntee presents Ancestor In The News posted at Destination: Austin Family.

Becky Wiseman presents kinexxions: Hidden Gems of Family History :: Found 'em in the Newspaper! posted at kinexxions, saying, "Many hours have been spent reading newspapers on microfilm. It can be tedious at times but very rewarding. I've certainly been very lucky to have found so many tidbits of family history within their pages."

Melody Lassalle presents Newspapers Provide Proof When Disasters Destroy Records posted at The Research Journal.

Linda Stienstra presents Newspaper Archives; my favorite reading! posted at From Axer to Ziegler, saying, "The changing face of genealogy! Newspaper archives online for that 24 hour access to an invaluable resource for family historians! I love them!!"

Sheri Fenley presents Extra! Extra! 57th COG posted at The Educated Genealogist, saying, "The Catch of the Day!"

Carol Wilkerson presents Carnival of Genealogy - 57th Edition “I read it in the news!” posted at iPentimento.

Smallest Leaf presents The brothers Donnelly: Tragedy in the Pennsylvania coal mines, 1893 posted at Small-leaved Shamrock, saying, "The life of a 19th-century Irish coal miner in Pennsylvania was never easy - for him or for his family. Imagine the tragedy of mine explosion taking the lives of two brothers: both married and both with young children. The March 19, 1893 Mahanoy Plane mine explosion was devastating for the Donnelly family. The newspaper reports give us a glimpse into the accident, but leave many questions behind about the family and how they handled life in its aftermath."

Smallest Leaf presents 1911: Appliances to bring "peace of soul and domestic independence" posted at 100 Years in America, saying, "One-hundred years ago life was not quite what it is today, particularly in the average household kitchen. Take a look back at the new hope women had for "domestic independence" through the wonders of electricity and modern engineering. This one's for you, great-grandmother!"

Lorine Schulze presents Stephen Peer, Tighrope Walker of Niagara Falls in Carnival of Genealogy “I read it in the news!” posted at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, saying, "Stephen Peer, Tightrope Walker of Niagara Falls - was his death murder, suicide or an accident?"

Hilary Gadsby presents Newspaper Article Coroners Inquest posted at Genemeet.

Sasha Mitchell presents Thomas Donovan Drowned posted at Memory Lane, saying, "On I learned the sad news that my GGG Grandfather died by drowning. As a genealogist I was happy to find it, in spite of the tragedy."

Janet Iles presents Read all about William Stiver posted at Janet the researcher, saying, "Newspaper articles can help add details to a person's life when coupled and verified with other sources."

Dru Pair presents Finding Church Trustees Through Newspapers and Other Sources posted at Find Your Folks, saying, "Dru Pair writes about using newspapers, deeds, and Internet resources to locate information about church trustees."

footnoteMaven presents Read All About It - In The Newspapers posted at footnoteMaven, saying, "It is the wise Family Historian, who understands that we can no more take credit for the accomplishments of our ancestors, than we can take blame for their failures. Both appearing very often in the newspapers."

Ben Sayer presents It Started with a Burglary posted at

Terry Snyder presents I Read it in the News-Evidence of Collateral Damage posted at Desktop Genealogist."Sometimes the smallest of articles, can say volumes as in Terry's story "I Read It in the News - Evidence of Collateral Damage."

Steve Danko presents A Danko Obituary Quiz posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog, saying, "Members of the Danko family can try to match up excerpts from the obituaries with the names of the ancestors and other relatives to whom they refer. Others can just read to learn something about the rich lives of my Danko relatives. After writing this up, I thought that some might find this quiz a little ghoulish, but I decided that's OK since Halloween is just four weeks away!"

Amir Dekel presents I read it in the news! posted at I Dream of Genea(logy).

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. I hope you enjoyed it and learned from it. The message here is, newspapers are an excellent source of family history information!

And now it's time for a Call For Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the COG will be: Halloween Hauntings... Fact or Fiction? We're going to have some fun with the Carnival of Genealogy this time around. Halloween is coming up in a few weeks. In keeping with the spirit of the season, write a story about or including one of your ancestors. It can be fact or fiction. Don't tell which it is (until after October 15 when the COG is published), let your readers guess. We should all get some great comments as readers try to determine if our Halloween genea-story is fact or fiction! Was your ggg grandmother a witch? Did you live in a haunted house when you were growing up? Were there bats in Aunt Betty's belfry? Did you ever meet up with a ghost when you were looking for an ancestor's grave? See if you can stump us! The deadline for submissions is October 15th.

To All COG Participants: Please use a descriptive phrase in the title of any articles you plan to submit and/or write a brief description/introduction to your articles in the "comment" box of the blogcarnival submission form. This will give readers an idea of what you've written about and hopefully interest them in clicking on your link. Introductions for your articles will not be provided for you due to the volume of articles submitted. Thank you!

Write up your eerie tales and submit them to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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