Monday, November 02, 2009

Wypominki at St. Hedwig Cemetery

Yesterday, Nov. 1, was the Wypominki held at St. Hedwig Cemetery in Dearborn Heights, MI. It was co-sponsored by the WSDPAHS and the PGSM. The prayer service was held at the mausoleum and there were over 70 people in attendance. Among those participating were my friends Valerie, who made the yummy "soul cakes", and Ceil, who gave a very heartfelt plea to those in attendance to record what we know about the Polish immigrants in our families. She reminded us that we need to record what we remember about them so that they will live on not only in our hearts and minds but in the minds of younger family members who never knew them.

Following the prayer service, Ceil took everyone outside to demonstrate the traditional cleaning of a grave.

After the service I visited my parent's graves,

And snapped a few photos of the autumn leaves and candle-topped graves.

It was a lovely service honoring the memory of the deceased members of our families. I'm so glad I was able to attend!