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Carnival of Genealogy, 92nd Edition

Welcome to the April 4, 2010 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition is, Dance! Dancing is as old as time and there's no doubt some if not most of our ancestors found themselves dancing at some point or other. It's a physical thing, it's a social thing, it can be a spiritual thing too. Kids do it, teenagers do it, adults do it... it's done solo, in couples, and in groups. Dancing is often featured at celebrations and rites of passage such as weddings and graduations, New Year's Eve parties and Presidential inaugurations, in high school plays and around the Maypole. It's done for recreation, for entertainment, and for therapy. It's a common link between generations and across cultures.

Given how prevalent dancing is in our lives and the lives of those who came before us, I'm frankly surprised to have only 11 submissions on this topic. But I'm pleased as well. This edition of the COG is short and sweet. Like the last dance of the night with a lover, it ends all too soon but will be savored for the passion and intimacy it brings. Pour yourself something cool and soothing then and come join us as we trip the light fantastic!

Dorene Paul presents Dancing at Wedding Receptions posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, saying, "Dorene from Ohio recalls that wedding receptions were the earliest memories she has of her family members enjoying dancing." Dorene has the cutest pictures to go along with her happy childhood memories of special event dancing with her family and friends. This post brings back memories of family weddings I remember from my own childhood. Check it out and see if it doesn't take you down memory lane too! Thanks Dorene!

J.M. presents Bribed By Dancing posted at Tracing My Roots, saying, "To know how being bribed with the prospect of dancing got me and my friend into a scene that resembled a horror scene from a bad movie while we were in a supermarket, read my post Bribed By Dancing" Grins and giggles is how you'll react to J.M.'s article about dancing! She shares one of those funny moments you remember for a lifetime. We've all had them but we don't always share them. J.M. has and you don't want to miss it!

Carol presents 92nd Carnival of Genealogy, Dance, Let's Cut a Rug posted at Reflections From the Fence, saying, "Ballroom or disco, we have a three dancin' couples, including Florence, who needed a younger man to keep up with her!" Three couples there are indeed but only one of them is dancing to Disco ;-) yep, it's Carol! Terrific photo you won't want to miss! Carol prefers to tell stories with photos and she has great ones to do so. I really enjoyed your photos and memories Carol, thanks for sharing!

Linda Hughes Hiser presents 92nd COG: Dance--Dancin' in the Street posted at Flipside, saying, "Dancing....from ballet to the twist to Motown...I loved to dance." Now here's a dancer at heart! Linda danced from a young age and she has some terrific pictures to prove it. Dancing runs in her family and she has great memories of dancing to all the latest and greatest hits. Stop by and take a twirl around the dance floor with Linda! Thanks for sharing Linda! 

Linda McCauley presents Dance! posted at Documenting the Details, saying, "I have fond memories of taking tap and ballet lessons for a couple of years starting at age 5." I've never heard of a traveling dance instructor before but Linda had one. She tells a charming story of dancing beside a fire truck... what a great image that conjures up! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

Joan Hill presents Carnival of Genealogy, 92nd Edition: A Night of Dancing at the Crazy Horse posted at Roots'n'Leaves, saying, "For me this story is about dancing at a very unique time and place. The year was 1962, the summer of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Marilyn Monroe’s death, and Jacqueline Kennedy;s White House tours; John Glenn orbiting the earth in Friendship 7, U.S Military presence in Vietnam rising to 2,646,and James Meredith attempts to enroll at University of Mississippi. However in the high desert basin in Klamath County, the world news is indeed a world away. Our lives revolved around work, family, friends and dancing on Saturday nights." Joan has such a beautiful way with words... she takes you there, to the Crazy Horse, where you can hear the music, feel the heat, taste the cool beverages, and be a part of it all. I especially liked how she built anticipation in her story, just the way she experienced it. Preparation for the Saturday night dance events started much earlier in the day and many miles away. Great story Joan! Thanks for taking us along!

Jo Arnspiger presents 92nd Edition of COG A Ballerina's Story ... If Only for a Little While posted at Those Who Went Before, saying, "My five years of dance lessons helped mold me both physically and emotionally." Jo writes so fondly of her ballet years you just know she loved them. I've never danced en pointe but I've always admired those who do. What strength! What discipline! What grace! Thanks for sharing your very precious memories with us, Jo!

Michelle Goodrum presents Dance! posted at The Turning of Generations, saying, "Meet my mother the dancer who grew up dancing in Seattle during the first half of the 20th century. Somehow she must have infected me with dance fever for a bit too." Ah Michelle, you certainly paint a beautiful picture of your mother for us (great photos too). She obviously had a love for dance so it's no surprise you have a fondness for it too. Thank you for sharing your two-generational family dance story with us!

Apple submitted a series of posts written by Tipper at Blind Pig and the Acorn,
The 74th Annual Mountain Folk Festival, Berea KentuckyFolk Dancing In Brasstown, and Clogging At The Mountain Folk Fesitval. Even though this submission was a little late and didn't come from the author herself I chose to include it anyway because the articles, photos, and video are just outstanding! Do stop by and check them out. Whether you have a passion for dance or not you'll appreciate them!

Jasia presents Dancing, the First Two Generations posted at Creative Gene. Dancing is in my genes. I can document dancers in at least 4 generations of my family. Visit my blog and read this 3-part series about my family's love of dance! I created 3 scrapbook pages with family photos of us dancing. 

~*~*~*Feature Article *~*~*~

Donna presents It All Started at a Dance « What's Past is Prologue posted at What's Past is Prologue, saying, "If my parents didn't love to dance, they might have never met!" Well Donna, we're so glad they met, and danced, and loved, because otherwise you wouldn't be our featured author! Donna always writes from the heart, with humor, and this article is no exception. She also has the most amazing collection of family photos, some of which are included here. Her parents are the featured dancers in her article this time around but she's taken some dance classes herself and would like to take more. Perhaps she'll write about dancing again featuring her own participation. We can't wait for that one Donna!

Please join me in congratulating Donna for being the featured author for the 92nd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy!

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. I hope you were inspired to learn to dance, to dance for the pure joy of doing so, and to write about it for all to enjoy! Dancing is known to improve your circulation and elevate your mood. It's good for the heart and good for the soul. So what are you waiting for? Put on some music and boogie down!

Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: Write a "how to" series of articles! Choose a topic that you can give helpful advice on and write a series of articles (3+) about it. Series articles require a little more planning and a lot more writing so this next edition will have a deadline of May 1st.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. Please use a descriptive phrase in the title of any articles you plan to submit and/or write a brief description/introduction to your articles in the "comment" box of the blog carnival submission form. This will give readers an idea of what you've written about and hopefully interest them in clicking on your link. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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