Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Polish Catholic Churches of Detroit, St Thomas the Apostle

St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Detroit

Address: 8363 Townsend, Detroit, MI 48213
Phone: 921-1300
Current Parish Status: Closed in 1989
School in Operation: No
First Year Parish Founded: 1914
Year Church was Built: 1923
First Pastor: Rev. Fr. Patrick Cullaine
Pastor in 1985: Rev. Fr. Lawrence Faris
Mass Schedule in 1985: Saturday 4:00pm (English); Sunday 10:00am (Polish), 12:00pm (English)
No. of Families in Parish in 1985: 168
Percentage of Polish Descent in 1985: 90%
Considered as a Polish Ethnic Parish: Yes
Polish Religious Traditions Preserved: Yes
Location: East side

St. Thomas the Apostle parish was located in the extreme eastern out stretch of the old Polish community. This area was one of the first to experience a rapid change in population as the ethnic residents orginally in the area began to move north along Van Dyke toward Warren and Centerline. In the past, the parish had both a grade and high school in operation.

This parish closed in 1989.

St. Thomas was a State of Michigan Historic Site.

St. Thomas Church was bulldozed - parts are at St. Hyacinth.

Some information from, "The Polish Roman Catholic Churches of Metropolitan Detroit" by PERC. c. 1985. Used with permission from Michael Krolewski, editor.