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Carnival of Genealogy, 100th Edition, There's One in Every Family (Special People 2)

This is the second in the series of posts for COG 100.
Thanks for the poster, fM!

There's One in Every Family... Special People, Part 2

32. Alanna Fant presents There's One in Every Family! posted at Confessions of a Gene-a-holic, saying, "My Great Grandpa, Stanley Wood, led an intersting life for sure!"

33. Terri O'Connell presents There's One in Every Family? posted at Finding Our Ancestors.

34. Valerie C. presents A Witness to History posted at Begin with 'Craft', saying, "My 3x-Great Grandfather was a witness to history"

35. Cheryl Palmer presents There's One In Every Family...COG's 100th Edition! The "One" in my Family posted at Heritage Happens, saying, "My post involves not only one reason why this person is my "One in Every Family" but actually two reasons! Read this post to see if you can uncover the second reason!"

36. Colleen McHugh presents There's One in Every Family posted at Orations of OMcHodoy, saying, "There's one of something in every family. And what can be more fun than finding a real black sheep? This is the type of mystery I'm not sure I want to solve!"

37. **Cheryl Schulte presents There's One In Every Family... posted at Two Sides of the Ocean, saying, "Come along for a look at the humorist in my family who has the ability to maintain a positive attitude that rubs off on others."

38. Cynthia Shenette presents The Stories My Grandmother Told Me posted at Heritage Zen:, saying, "Congratulations to Jasia for hosting and organizing 100 editions of the Carnival of Genealogy! This month I've chosen to write about my grandmother Antonina (Bulak) Szerejko. My grandmother and her stories are what inspired me to start researching my family history. I've included one of her stories in my post and explained how her story led me to find the family "home" in Poland."

39. Jasia presents Tools, Treasures, and Trash, My Dad Was One of a Kind posted at Creative Gene, saying, "I'm proud of my dad's resourcefulness. He was the handyman in our family and he was good at reclaiming and reusing. He was saving our planet before it cool to do so! Dad, you rock!"

40. Vickie Everhart presents 100th CoG :: Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill posted at .: BeNotForgot :: begotten & ne'er forgotten :., saying, "Somebody in every family tree has at least one special aunt or uncle . . . I am blessed to have several I call EXTRA-special . . . this 150-year-old story is about one specific couple who were aunt and uncle to my 2nd great-grandma."

41. Teresa Rogers presents 100th Edition of COG - There's One in Every Family - The Baby Daddy Ancestor Who Skipped Town! posted at Teresa's Tangled Roots, saying, "My submission for the 100 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy!"

42. Wendy Littrell presents Who Are You, Malissa? « All My Branches Genealogy posted at All My Branches Genealogy, saying, "My 2nd great-grandmother is an enigma to me. I wish I could sit down with her and ask her if she loved the father of her oldest son - whether it was a tragic love affair or something else - and how she felt when she realized she was unmarried and pregnant. Was she a progressive thinker or due to her circumstances become very devout in her strictness, morals and values? Just who were you, Malissa?"

43. Shelley Bishop presents The Life of the Party posted at A Sense of Family, saying, "I've enjoyed reading the Carnival of Genealogy all year, but I'm new to blogging and this is my first submission. I hope you don't mind a newcomer crashing the family reunion! My post is about "The Life of the Party"--which in my family was my Grandma, Nora Belle (Eberhard) Ballenger. I'm excited to be a small part of this historic carnival!"

44. Sharon Thiessen presents Ken and the Fortune Teller posted at Kindred Footprints, saying, "The very funny (and scandalous) chronicle of the romance of my cousin Kenneth and his fortune teller in 1894!"

45. **Donna Peterson presents Carnival of Genealogy - Every Family has One! posted at Hanging from the Family Tree, saying, "I know it's my first submission. Just want to be sure you reach your goal."

46. Lee Drew presents Theres One In Every Family The Tinkerer posted at FamHist Blog.

48. Elizabeth presents The Strong Woman: There's One in Every Family - Part I posted at Little Bytes of Life, saying, "There's a strong woman in every family: picking up the pieces, keeping it together, and usually doing more than her fair share. This is the story of one of my family's strong women."

49. Kristin Cleage Williams presents Poppy Could Fix Anything posted at Finding Eliza.

50. Steve Danko presents In Trouble with the Law (Part 1 of 18) posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog, saying, "A lawsuit was filed against my 5th and 6th great grandparents in the year 1756 - the first of eighteen parts."

51. Carol Stevens presents Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Beginning posted at Reflections From the Fence, saying, "Come meet my most "endearing" colorful character, Archie."

52. Barbara Holz Sullivan presents There's One in Every Family: The Black Sheep posted at Chapter & WurstThe Holz family black sheep ends up in Folsom Prison.  The unexpected tale unearthed while digging in the family dirt.

53. **Caroline Pointer presents The Captain & His Wife Had Them posted at Family Stories, saying, "I have just under 5000 dead people [well, mostly dead] in my family tree so far.  They have many things in common [not the least of which, is me], but 2 things stand out the most.  They have a story to tell.  And they had balls.  I yearn to tell their stories and bring them back to life.  Here’s the 2nd  installment of my “They Had Balls” series that offers a fresh perspective on an ancestor's life story, and how they had moxie, guts, audacity, and balls to get through their lives."

54. Caroline presents GOG: There's One in Every Family!! posted at Calling All Cousins, saying, "stories about my 2nd great grandfather that I've collected from cousins, newspapers, censuses... what ever I could find as the man didn't seem to stay in one place for very long!!" 

55. Stephanie Lincecum presents A Pioneer and Free-Thinker (There's One in Every Family) posted at Lincecum Lineage, saying, "This post is dedicated to the memory of Terry Thornton...  Every family has at least one -- the radical, the revolutionary, the trailblazer, the pioneer, the free-thinker. In my family, the most documented individual these words describe is Gideon Lincecum. Gideon (1793-1874) was my first cousin, seven times removed, and he's the closest thing I have to a directly connected celebrity."

56. Michelle Goodrum presents There's One in Every Family - 100th Edition of COG posted at The Turning of Generations, saying, "Every family has that someone who is "special." We all define "special" in slightly different ways. In my case the "special" someone was my dad. He played many roles including that of teacher, the one who always made time for those he loved, a maker of memories, a recorder of memories, and a keeper of memories."

57. Tracy Glatz presents Carnival of Genealogy #100: My Family and the Murderess posted at The Pieces of My Past, saying, " I believe every family has a sensational story, one that has morphed over time into something juicier than it probably was.  Here is my family's connection to a notorious crime and murderess in the mountains of North Carolina." 

58. Amanda Pape presents There's One in Every Family, Just WHO is...? post at ABT UNK, saying, "I decided to write about one of my brick walls, someone I know is related to me but I'm just not sure exactly how.  I had fun writing it and it helped me consolidate all the information I have about Emma Genevieve Pape Childs so far.  Maybe someone out there will read it who knows the connection, or can suggest other places I can look.  Thank you for this opportunity!"

61. Janice Tracy presents There's One in Every Family - The Perfect Aunt posted at Mississippi Memories

62. Marcell Warren presents Rebel Yell in the Frozen North posted at Pentimento: The Artist Repents.

So many talented authors, so many interesting people they've introduced us too! Now it's on to Places and Things!