Monday, December 06, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy, 100th Edition, There's One in Every Family (Special Places and Things)

There's One in Every Family... Special Places

1. Vickie Everhart presents A Main Street Story -- every family has one posted at Rockdale ~ My Hometown, saying, "Let me introduce you to my hometown . . . everybody has one . . . and in writing about his hometown, Craig E. Sathoff said that . . . Hometown is more than just a town, it is a way of life, a place of peace and quiet, and when I return it is as if I have never been gone, and in my heart I have not."

2. Diana Ritchie presents Every Family Has One ~ posted at Random Relatives, saying, "Every family has a special place - somewhere they try to visit as often as they can. I've written about the place where so many of my family's memories have been made."

3. Lisa Alzo presents "There's one in every family!": A Special Place We'll Always Remember posted at The Accidental Genealogist, saying, "Thanks--and congratulations to Creative Gene for 100 Editions of Carnival of Genealogy!"

4. John Newmark presents, There's One in Every Family II: Home, sweet home! posted at TransylvaniaDutch, saying, "This time of year many churches, synagogues, schools, and fraternal organizations gather funds and items for those families without, but most families have a home.  I share some photographs of homes that belonged to ancestors and kin, as well as a few quotes on defining what a home is."

5. Kathryn Doyle presents, There's One in Every Family: The Wanderer aka "The Many Homes of the California Genealogical Society and Library." posted at California Ancestors

There's One in Every Family... Special Things

1. Jennifer presents There is One in Every Family! posted at Climbing My Family Tree. (Legend)

2. Bill West presents A FAMILY REUNION OF SORTS posted at West in New England, saying, "Since this is a CoG family reunion, I thought this post of an unexpected family reunion of sorts I had today at a local cemetery was apropos." (Unusual Family Reunion)

3. Heather Wilkinson Rojo presents Burnham Wooden Ships, Essex, Massachusetts posted at Nutfield Genealogy, saying, "This is a story about my Burnham ancestors and a living Burnham cousin. He owns a wooden shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts where they have been making wooden ships for two hundred years. He is the 28th Burnham to run a shipyard in the same town. Many Essex ships were famous, used in wars, for fishing, for coasting and one even went on an arctic expedition. Harold Burnham is keeping the family name alive in our ancestral town, where Burnhams have lived since the 1630s, and also keeping alive an ancient art that is slowly disappearing." (Surname)

4. John Newmark presents There's one in every family posted at Transylvanian Dutch, saying, "Every family has a surname, and every surname has an origin. I look at several ancestral surnames and their suspected etymologies." (Surnames)

6. Kylie Willison presents Diff'rent Names posted at Blog, Blog, Blog. (First names)

7. **Denise Olson presents Wilbur – A Legendary Pig posted at Moultrie Creek Gazette, saying, "While a beautifully arranged suckling pig will create a memorable holiday meal, I doubt many people would still be talking about it 40+ years later. In our family, this is where Wilbur attained immortality." (Pig)

8. Kay Bauman presents COG 100th Edition: Erica posted at Kay B's Place, saying, "Hoping we get to 100 submissions!" (Dog)

9. Tammy Renee presents 100th COG ~ There Is One In Every Family ~ posted at Rosie-Cotton, saying, "I have wanted to write about Buddy many times since his death but it has been just too painful. Thank you Creative Gene for this 100th COG topic. It gave me a reason to write about our Buddy and how much he means to us. And thank you to all the readers as well for allowing me to share." (Dog)

10. Robin Inge presents Best Friends posted at Where I Come From. (Dog)

12. Julie Cahill Tarr presents The Pet Parade posted at GenBlog, saying, "Congrats on 100!!! Happy to be part of the milestone!" (Pet)

13. **Missy Corley presents Carnival of Genealogy: There's One in Every Family posted at Bayside Blog, saying, "There is indeed one in every family, as LOLCats reminded me." (Photo)

14. Lori Hellmund presents Carnival of Genealogy - There's One in Every Family posted at Genealogy and Me, saying, "My submission references family portraits; hopefully, "There's One in Every Family."" (Photo/portrait)

15. Susan Kitchens celebrates her Great Aunt Doris in her entry 'The Scrapbook Belonging to Great Aunt Doris.', at 'Family Oral History Using Digital Tools'. Great Aunt Doris was an artist and a horsewoman. Look at a number of pages from an amazingly decorated album (complete with illustrations in margins!) that dates back to around 1915 when Doris was a student at Fenway School of Illustration in Boston, Mass., and see hand-tinted and cut-out photos of the horsewoman's "Home on the Range" of Billings, Montana. (Scrapbook)

16. Nolichucky Roots presents There's One in Every Family - Treasure of Treasures posted at Nolichucky Roots, saying, "I couldn't resist sharing this family treasure. Learning it existed has been the highlight of my research - at least so far. Maybe the stars will align and there will be two such treasures some day...
Bravo, Jasia, on the 100th Edition." (Bible)

17. Judith Richards Shubert presents A Gailey Cousin Christmas Tradition posted at Genealogy Traces, saying, "It is my memories of our Christmases as children and our mesquite Christmas trees in Texas, especially one in 1957." (Tradition)

18. Bob Kramp presents There's One in Every Family posted at Life's Journey, saying, "There is one in every family. And hopefully, there is at least one COLLECTOR in every family. That is, a collector of family stories, photographs, heirlooms, and other odd bits of family history. One of our own collectors prepared a chronological collection of photographs of her mother. She set up the collection on an easel in the funeral home lobby (image included)." (Collector)

19. Lori Thornton presents The Picky Eater posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. (Picky Eater)

20. **Sheri Fenley presents There's One in Every Family - 100th COG posted at The Educated Genealogist. (Odd one ;-)

22. Tina Lyons presents There's One in Every Family - Opposites - COG 100 posted at Gen Wish List. (Opposites)

23. Sherry Stocking Kline presents Carnival of Genealogy, The J. H. Stocking Bible posted at Family Tree Writer, saying, "In 2003, I not only learned that there was "THE" Stocking Bible, my uncle, my dad's younger brother loaned it to me to look at and photograph. What a wonderful treat, to hold in my hands the Bible that had passed down from Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stocking, my gr-gr-grandparents, to my gr-grandparents, to my grandfather's generation, and now to my father's generation, and to be able to see the faded early entries, and different handwriting, and the different colors of ink through the generations." (Bible)

24. Cheryl Schulte presents There's One in Every Family... posted at Two Sides of the Ocean, saying, "Come along with me as I share the one special holiday of my family that stands out in my memory." (Holiday)

25. Cheryl Schulte presents There's One in Every Family... posted at Two Sides of the Ocean, saying "There should be a favorite teacher in every family.  I had mine so I invite you to come along while I share my memories of my special third grade teacher." (Teacher)

26. Linda Durr Rudd presents The Hope Trunk posted at Between the Gate Posts. (Trunk)

Amazing stories of amazing places and things. They're all so precious! 

Next is the collection of Miscellaneous articles... I just couldn't decide where to place these so I gave them a category of their own!