Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Wishes to You

Merry Christmas. Not a lot of enthusiasm but the sentiment is genuine.

I came down with the stomach flu yesterday and am not feeling any better today. We've had to scrap most of our plans for our Christmas Eve festivities though my sweetie is doing his best (doing the work of two people) so we can at least have a nice dinner (not sure I'll have any, but everyone we'd invited to join us are still willing to come).

I truly hope all of you have a healthy and happy Christmas.

(Click to view larger image and open the ornament)

My sweetie bought me this ornament on a business trip to Chicago this year. It's a gold filigree heart that opens up and has a little pink heart dangling inside that says "I love you". I hope you feel lots of love this Christmas. May all your wishes come true.