Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen

This is it! This is the day my favorite author's newest book went on sale. I ran out and bought it first thing this morning. I just finished posting the next article in my series on Creating a Coat of Arms on my Creative Genealogy blog, and now I'm ready to indulge myself with Janet Evanovich. I know what I'm in for... mystery, laughter, and sizzle... lots of hot, steamy sizzle. If you've paid any attention to "What I'm Reading" in the column on the right you know that I've just finished reading Janet's first twelve books in the Plum series. I re-read the entire series every year just prior to the new release. I look forward to this every year and now the time his here. So, no more genealogy for me today... I've got a date with Ranger ;-) See ya tomorrow. Maybe. Unless I just have to read 13 again!


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